Annual WW2 parades honoring vets return to Mariupol

vor 1 Monat 19
A parade to honor veterans of the Great Patriotic War, the Russian name for the Eastern Front of World War II, was held in Mariupol for the first time on Thursday. The event was the first official parade organized by the Donetsk People’s Republic, although unofficial parades have been held by activist groups since 2020. Footage shot by Ruptly shows veterans Vasily Tirsov and Maria Ivanova watch the parade, featuring cadets from the Donetsk Higher Combined Arms Command School. Tirsov was pleased with the parade. ‘I do like the parade. I hope to God nobody has to live through anything like that war and that neither children or adults have to see what we, 90-year-old people, have seen.’ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Freedom over censorship, truth over narrative. Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Telegram: Follow us on Twitter:
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