Former Brazilian president investigated for harassing a whale

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The former President of Brazil buzzed a whale, apparently. Jair Bolsonaro was apparently spotted enjoying himself on a jet ski just off the coast of Sao Sebastiao, and enjoying himself a bit too near a whale for the liking of many. The incident went viral on social media after being filmed, and people were quick to point out the likeness between the alleged whale botherer and Bolsonaro. However, ‘deliberate harassment of any species of cetacean’ is a crime in Brazil, and the 15m or so distance by whoever was on the jet ski certainly counts as harassment. Brazil’s federal police are now investigating the incident. Bolsonaro has denied bothering the whale, claiming ‘every day there’s something bad about me [in the press].’ He then called Brazil’s Minister of Justice fat, saying he is ‘the only whale who doesn’t like me’ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Freedom over censorship, truth over narrative. Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Telegram: Follow us on Twitter:
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