Russian stuntman jumps through bus

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Yes, through – not over. Rostov-on-Don based stuntman, blogger and insane daredevil Yevgeny Chebotarev has come up with a novel stunt: jumping through the windshield of a moving bus, all the way down the aisle and out the back window within a single bound. Or, if you prefer the Earth as your reference frame, the bus drove all around him. Chebotarev lay on his stomach on a wooden platform about windshield high as the bus drove towards him at about 65mph. From the perspective of the passengers inside the bus (a group of volunteers who must really enjoy being showered by broken glass and high velocity stuntmen), Chebotarev raced past them in comically quick fashion. From the perspective of outside the bus, the stunt was even more mental, and showed Chebotarev being run over, but in a very stylish way. Chebotarev suffered a broken arm during the stunt
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