This is the new 'anarcho-capitalist' president of Argentina

vor 1 Woche 42
Self-described 'anarcho-capitalist' Javier Milei has been elected president of Argentina, making him the first libertarian world leader. Milei, who won the second round of voting convincingly, has been called, among other things, 'hard-right,' 'populist,' and 'the Argentinian Donald Trump.' The eccentric new president might be able to out-meme even the Don, however, due to his love of bold, brash statements and wielding a chainsaw. Yes, really. He has made headlines by calling Pope Francis an 'imbecile,' and repeatedly speaking of his hatred for 'leftards' (again, yes really). Milei's proposals include abolishing Argentina's central bank, swapping the Argentine peso for the US dollar, and introducing a series of sweeping government spending cuts, represented at various rallies by said chainsaw. He has also turned up at rallies brandishing Israeli and Ukrainian flags, accusing the government of being 'weak' when it comes to the latter. He has promised that, during his tenure, Argentina's two key allies will be the United States and Israel, while domestically he will stand against the 'useless and parasitic' political establishment. Expect the media to have a measured and objective reaction to this one, as usual ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Freedom over censorship, truth over narrative. Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Telegram: Follow us on Twitter:
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